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Wandalea W
Other-Worldly The lights were thrilling to experience for the first time. They held me in a very pleasant & fun altered state. A few visions came into view, then during the night my dreamstate was more active or at least more remembered. In the hours after doing the lights, I had a strong sense of peace & connection to everyone/everything.
Fast Track to Deep Relaxation I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with ajna light - the experience put me into a peaceful, meditative state quickly and the colorful light show was mesmerizing.
Frank C
Ajna Light Really to early for me to say at this point. Know inwardly I feel drawn to participate which is usually a good sign. Look forward to continued sessions and the potential enhancements that may unfold.
Light show I really enjoyed the Anja light experience! Colors and visuals were brilliant! I felt rejuvenated and the next day I had amazing energy and creativity! Thank you Suzanna and Casey❤️
Iao F
Excellent Relaxed
Paul R
More I want More!:) HI guys, I want to do this again but after a more '"in depth experience", I feel I've had a taste and your presentation was welcoming and informative. But I don't feel I can accurately comment until I have a one on one
Paula G
Ajna light I really enjoyed the light experience, I felt deeply relaxed and the calming energy stayed with me the entire day!
Myrica M
Loving light! A wonderful experience of deep relaxation into fascination, into silent expansion. I felt dropped in so deeply and at the same time so expanded when I finished. Highly recommended!
What a Powerful Experience As a first time participant of Ajna Light I was curious and intrigued. It was a fascinating experience that slipped me deep into a meditative and transformative space. This is a powerful experience that can awaken self awareness, deepen meditative integration, and catalyze somatic healing. I was to grateful for the safe and sacred container held by Casey and Suzanna, and the additional support post session was incredible. These are loving healing people sharing a powerful transformative tool with all of us. If you have the chance treat yourself to this experience, it's a doorway to connect deeper to your soul self.
Marta L
Yes! I enjoyed the Ajna Light Therapy. Afterwards, I felt energized and relaxed. I'll be back for more!
Iao F
It works The effect was stimulating and exhilarating and overall all my systems felt more alive and turned on. I wanted more and wished the experience was longer. I had a bit of trouble going to sleep because of stimulus but slept well. No dreams however. I loved the colors. The effect did not carry over into the next day in any noticeable way.
Gaby G
Ajna Light session I felt very peaceful and it was very interesting to see the various shapes and colours activated by the different frequencies. At one point I felt a tingling sensation around my head and a subtle warmth coming from the palms of my hands. I'm very grateful to have experienced this. Thank you so much Casey and Suzanna Gaby
Bart W
Inner Connections I enjoyed this experience thoroughly. As an experienced practitioner of meditation, I can attest that the Ajna Light leads the attention beyond the mind in an easy and effortless way. If you're looking to connect with the more subtle levels of consciousness within, this is highly recommended.
I enjoyed it Thank you for letting me experience the Ajna Light. I enjoyed it. I got up feeling meditative and it was nice to go outside and sit and integrate the experience. I did feel my third eye opening and the patterns of light were quite nice. Thanks again.